The M-PSI team is a research team from the LIG laboratory, located in Grenoble (France). M-PSI stands for Multimodal Perception and (Multimodal) Sociable Interaction. The team addresses scientific challenges raised by the increasing need for effective interactive systems in ordinary human environments. The team targets the development of “sociable” interactive systems that accommodate “natural, non-obtrusive, intuitive, predictable and expressive interactions” using a variety of interaction modalities including on-screen interfaces, connected objects, smart buildings, multimodal perceptual spaces, social robots (including autonomous vehicles), with a more specific focus on the last two.

The research ambition of the M-PSI team is to enhance the perception and interaction capabilities of multimodal perceptive and interactive systems, raising them closer to the human-level performance at interaction. The team develops theories and models for systems that interact with people, or observe people while they are interacting, targeting a hierarchy of interaction modalities including reactive, situational, operational and cognitive levels. In a complementary way, the team will focus on other facets of pervasive systems, in particular federated learning and edge computing for machine learning.

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